Valedictory Service

This service takes place every 1st Sunday in July every year commencing at 5pm on the school grounds. The dress for the Valedictory Service is an academic gown and a mortar board. The girls will wear their school uniform under the gown along with black shoes. The Boys will wear long sleeve white shirt with khaki pants under the gown along with black or brown shoes.

The Valedictorian will be voted for by his/her peers; however, the final decision will be made by the academic staff.


  • Outstanding academic performance in grades ten and eleven
  • Involvement in co-curricular activities
  • Exemplary behaviour, that is no suspensions, detentions or demerits


Grade 10 - Students must pursue a course of study with at least 8 subjects.

Grade 11 - Students must pursue a course of study in at least 6 subjects to be examined by the following examining bodies.

  • Cambridge General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.)
  • Caribbean Examination Council (C.X.C.)

Receipt of Certificates - In terms of the individual qualification, the certificate will be based on the 10 and 11th grade performance. An average of 75% and above will qualify the student to receive a certificate of Distinction, while an average of 60 – 74% will merit a certificate of Credit. An average of below 60% will merit a pass.

Academic Awards

An Academic Award for Excellence will be given to the Grade Eleven student with the highest average in the Mock Examinations.